Release notes for Yocto-4.0.15 (Kirkstone)

Security Fixes in Yocto-4.0.15

Fixes in Yocto-4.0.15

  • bash: changes to SIGINT handler while waiting for a child

  • bitbake: Fix disk space monitoring on cephfs

  • bitbake: bitbake-getvar: Make –quiet work with –recipe

  • bitbake: fix PSI check logic

  • bitbake: runqueue: Add pressure change logging

  • bitbake: runqueue: convert deferral messages from bb.note to bb.debug

  • bitbake: runqueue: fix PSI check calculation

  • bitbake: runqueue: show more pressure data

  • bitbake: runqueue: show number of currently running bitbake threads when pressure changes

  • bitbake: tinfoil: Do not fail when logging is disabled and full config is used

  • build-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revision

  • cve-check: don’t warn if a patch is remote

  • cve-check: slightly more verbose warning when adding the same package twice

  • cve-check: sort the package list in the JSON report

  • update for 5.10.202

  • go: Fix issue in DNS resolver

  • goarch: Move Go architecture mapping to a library

  • gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: enable glx/opengl support

  • linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.202

  • manuals: update class references

  • migration-guide: add release notes for 4.0.14


  • openssh: drop sudo from ptest dependencies

  • overview-manual: concepts: Add Bitbake Tasks Map

  • poky.conf: bump version for 4.0.15

  • python3-jinja2: Fixed ptest result output as per the standard

  • ref-manual: classes: explain cml1 class name

  • ref-manual: update SDK_NAME variable documentation

  • ref-manual: variables: add RECIPE_MAINTAINER

  • ref-manual: variables: document OEQA_REPRODUCIBLE_* variables

  • ref-manual: variables: mention new CDN for SSTATE_MIRRORS

  • rust-common: Set llvm-target correctly for cross SDK targets

  • rust-cross-canadian: Fix ordering of target json config generation

  • rust-cross/rust-common: Merge arm target handling code to fix cross-canadian

  • rust-cross: Simplfy the rust_gen_target calls

  • rust-llvm: Allow overriding LLVM target archs

  • sdk-manual: extensible.rst: remove instructions for using SDK functionality directly in a yocto build

  • sudo: upgrade to 1.9.15p2

  • systemtap_git: fix used uninitialized error

  • vim: Improve locale handling

  • vim: Upgrade to 9.0.2130

  • vim: use upstream generated .po files

Known Issues in Yocto-4.0.15

  • N/A

Contributors to Yocto-4.0.15

  • Alexander Kanavin

  • Archana Polampalli


  • Bruce Ashfield

  • Chaitanya Vadrevu

  • Chen Qi

  • Deepthi Hemraj

  • Denys Dmytriyenko

  • Hitendra Prajapati

  • Lee Chee Yang

  • Li Wang

  • Martin Jansa

  • Meenali Gupta

  • Michael Opdenacker

  • Mikko Rapeli

  • Narpat Mali

  • Niko Mauno

  • Ninad Palsule

  • Niranjan Pradhan

  • Paul Eggleton

  • Peter Kjellerstedt

  • Peter Marko

  • Richard Purdie

  • Ross Burton

  • Samantha Jalabert

  • Sanjana

  • Soumya Sambu

  • Steve Sakoman

  • Tim Orling

  • Vijay Anusuri

  • Vivek Kumbhar

  • Wenlin Kang

  • Yogita Urade

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