Release notes for Yocto-4.0.18 (Kirkstone)

Security Fixes in Yocto-4.0.18

Fixes in Yocto-4.0.18

  • build-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revision

  • common-licenses: backport LGPL-3.0-with-zeromq-exception license

  • contributor-guide: add notes for tests

  • contributor-guide: be more specific about meta-* trees

  • cups: fix typo in CVE-2023-32360 backport patch

  • cve-update-nvd2-native: Add an age threshold for incremental update

  • cve-update-nvd2-native: Fix CVE configuration update

  • cve-update-nvd2-native: Fix typo in comment

  • cve-update-nvd2-native: Remove duplicated CVE_CHECK_DB_FILE definition

  • cve-update-nvd2-native: Remove rejected CVE from database

  • cve-update-nvd2-native: nvd_request_next: Improve comment

  • dev-manual: improve descriptions of ‘bitbake -S printdiff’

  • dev-manual: packages: fix capitalization

  • docs: properly escape backslashes for latex_elements

  • gcc: Backport sanitizer fix for 32-bit ALSR

  • glibc: Fix subscript typos for get_nscd_addresses

  • kernel-dev: join mkdir commands with -p

  • linux-firmware: Upgrade to 20240220

  • manuals: add initial sphinx-lint support

  • manuals: add initial stylechecks with Vale

  • manuals: document VIRTUAL-RUNTIME variables

  • manuals: fix duplicate “stylecheck” target

  • manuals: fix incorrect double backticks

  • manuals: fix trailing spaces

  • manuals: refer to new yocto-patches mailing list wherever appropriate

  • manuals: remove tab characters

  • manuals: replace hyphens with em dashes

  • manuals: use “manual page(s)”

  • migration-guides: add release notes for 4.0.17

  • poky.conf: bump version for 4.0.18

  • profile-manual: usage.rst: fix reference to bug report

  • profile-manual: usage.rst: formatting fixes

  • profile-manual: usage.rst: further style improvements

  • python3-urllib3: Upgrade to v1.26.18

  • ref-manual: add documentation of the variable SPDX_NAMESPACE_PREFIX

  • ref-manual: tasks: do_cleanall: recommend using ‘-f’ instead

  • ref-manual: tasks: do_cleansstate: recommend using ‘-f’ instead for a shared sstate

  • ref-manual: variables: adding multiple groups in GROUPADD_PARAM

  • ref-manual: variables: correct sdk installation default path

  • stress-ng: avoid calling sync during do_compile

  • systemd: Fix vlan qos mapping

  • tcl: Add a way to skip ptests

  • tcl: skip async and event tests in run-ptest

  • tcl: skip timing-dependent tests in run-ptest

  • valgrind: skip intermittently failing ptest

  • wireless-regdb: Upgrade to 2024.01.23

  • yocto-uninative: Update to 4.4 for glibc 2.39

Known Issues in Yocto-4.0.18

  • N/A

Contributors to Yocto-4.0.18

  • Alex Kiernan

  • Alex Stewart

  • Alexander Kanavin

  • BELOUARGA Mohamed

  • Claus Stovgaard

  • Colin McAllister

  • Geoff Parker

  • Haitao Liu

  • Harish Sadineni

  • Johan Bezem

  • Jonathan GUILLOT

  • Jörg Sommer

  • Khem Raj

  • Lee Chee Yang

  • Luca Ceresoli

  • Martin Jansa

  • Meenali Gupta

  • Michael Halstead

  • Michael Opdenacker

  • Peter Marko

  • Quentin Schulz

  • Ross Burton

  • Sana Kazi

  • Simone Weiß

  • Soumya Sambu

  • Steve Sakoman

  • Tan Wen Yan

  • Vijay Anusuri

  • Wang Mingyu

  • Yoann Congal

  • Yogita Urade

  • Zahir Hussain

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