Release 1.8 (fido)

This section provides migration information for moving to the Yocto Project 1.8 Release (codename “fido”) from the prior release.

Removed Recipes

The following recipes have been removed:

  • owl-video: Functionality replaced by gst-player.

  • gaku: Functionality replaced by gst-player.

  • gnome-desktop: This recipe is now available in meta-gnome and is no longer needed.

  • gsettings-desktop-schemas: This recipe is now available in meta-gnome and is no longer needed.

  • python-argparse: The argparse module is already provided in the default Python distribution in a package named python-argparse. Consequently, the separate python-argparse recipe is no longer needed.

  • telepathy-python, libtelepathy, telepathy-glib, telepathy-idle, telepathy-mission-control: All these recipes have moved to meta-oe and are consequently no longer needed by any recipes in OpenEmbedded-Core.

  • linux-yocto_3.10 and linux-yocto_3.17: Support for the linux-yocto 3.10 and 3.17 kernels has been dropped. Support for the 3.14 kernel remains, while support for 3.19 kernel has been added.

  • poky-feed-config-opkg: This recipe has become obsolete and is no longer needed. Use distro-feed-config from meta-oe instead.

  • libav 0.8.x: libav 9.x is now used.

  • sed-native: No longer needed. A working version of sed is expected to be provided by the host distribution.

BlueZ 4.x / 5.x Selection

Proper built-in support for selecting BlueZ 5.x in preference to the default of 4.x now exists. To use BlueZ 5.x, simply add “bluez5” to your DISTRO_FEATURES value. If you had previously added append files (*.bbappend) to make this selection, you can now remove them.

Additionally, a bluetooth class has been added to make selection of the appropriate bluetooth support within a recipe a little easier. If you wish to make use of this class in a recipe, add something such as the following:

inherit bluetooth
PACKAGECONFIG ??= "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'bluetooth', '${BLUEZ}', '', d)}"
PACKAGECONFIG[bluez4] = "--enable-bluetooth,--disable-bluetooth,bluez4"
PACKAGECONFIG[bluez5] = "--enable-bluez5,--disable-bluez5,bluez5"

Kernel Build Changes

The kernel build process was changed to place the source in a common shared work area and to place build artifacts separately in the source code tree. In theory, migration paths have been provided for most common usages in kernel recipes but this might not work in all cases. In particular, users need to ensure that ${S} (source files) and ${B} (build artifacts) are used correctly in functions such as do_configure and do_install. For kernel recipes that do not inherit from kernel-yocto or include, you might wish to refer to the file in the meta-oe layer for the kinds of changes you need to make. For reference, here is the commit where the file in meta-oe was updated.

Recipes that rely on the kernel source code and do not inherit the module classes might need to add explicit dependencies on the do_shared_workdir kernel task, for example:

do_configure[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir"

SSL 3.0 is Now Disabled in OpenSSL

SSL 3.0 is now disabled when building OpenSSL. Disabling SSL 3.0 avoids any lingering instances of the POODLE vulnerability. If you feel you must re-enable SSL 3.0, then you can add an append file (*.bbappend) for the openssl recipe to remove “-no-ssl3” from EXTRA_OECONF.

Default Sysroot Poisoning

gcc's default sysroot and include directories are now “poisoned”. In other words, the sysroot and include directories are being redirected to a non-existent location in order to catch when host directories are being used due to the correct options not being passed. This poisoning applies both to the cross-compiler used within the build and to the cross-compiler produced in the SDK.

If this change causes something in the build to fail, it almost certainly means the various compiler flags and commands are not being passed correctly to the underlying piece of software. In such cases, you need to take corrective steps.

Rebuild Improvements

Changes have been made to the base, autotools, and cmake classes to clean out generated files when the do_configure task needs to be re-executed.

One of the improvements is to attempt to run “make clean” during the do_configure task if a Makefile exists. Some software packages do not provide a working clean target within their make files. If you have such recipes, you need to set CLEANBROKEN to “1” within the recipe, for example:


QA Check and Validation Changes

The following QA Check and Validation Changes have occurred:

  • Usage of PRINC previously triggered a warning. It now triggers an error. You should remove any remaining usage of PRINC in any recipe or append file.

  • An additional QA check has been added to detect usage of ${D} in FILES values where D values should not be used at all. The same check ensures that $D is used in pkg_preinst/pkg_postinst/pkg_prerm/pkg_postrm functions instead of ${D}.

  • S now needs to be set to a valid value within a recipe. If S is not set in the recipe, the directory is not automatically created. If S does not point to a directory that exists at the time the do_unpack task finishes, a warning will be shown.

  • LICENSE is now validated for correct formatting of multiple licenses. If the format is invalid (e.g. multiple licenses are specified with no operators to specify how the multiple licenses interact), then a warning will be shown.

Miscellaneous Changes

The following miscellaneous changes have occurred:

  • The send-error-report script now expects a “-s” option to be specified before the server address. This assumes a server address is being specified.

  • The oe-pkgdata-util script now expects a “-p” option to be specified before the pkgdata directory, which is now optional. If the pkgdata directory is not specified, the script will run BitBake to query PKGDATA_DIR from the build environment.