16 Contributions and Additional Information

16.1 Introduction

The Yocto Project team is happy for people to experiment with the Yocto Project. A number of places exist to find help if you run into difficulties or find bugs. This presents information about contributing and participating in the Yocto Project.

16.2 Contributions

The Yocto Project gladly accepts contributions. You can submit changes to the project either by creating and sending pull requests, or by submitting patches through email. For information on how to do both as well as information on how to identify the maintainer for each area of code, see the “Submitting a Change to the Yocto Project” section in the Yocto Project Development Tasks Manual.

16.3 Yocto Project Bugzilla

The Yocto Project uses its own implementation of Bugzilla to track defects (bugs). Implementations of Bugzilla work well for group development because they track bugs and code changes, can be used to communicate changes and problems with developers, can be used to submit and review patches, and can be used to manage quality assurance.

Sometimes it is helpful to submit, investigate, or track a bug against the Yocto Project itself (e.g. when discovering an issue with some component of the build system that acts contrary to the documentation or your expectations).

A general procedure and guidelines exist for when you use Bugzilla to submit a bug. For information on how to use Bugzilla to submit a bug against the Yocto Project, see the following:

For information on Bugzilla in general, see http://www.bugzilla.org/about/.

16.4 Mailing lists

A number of mailing lists maintained by the Yocto Project exist as well as related OpenEmbedded mailing lists for discussion, patch submission and announcements. To subscribe to one of the following mailing lists, click on the appropriate URL in the following list and follow the instructions:

For more Yocto Project-related mailing lists, see the Yocto Project Website.

16.5 Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Two IRC channels on freenode are available for the Yocto Project and Poky discussions:

  • #yocto

  • #poky