1 The Yocto Project Development Tasks Manual

1.1 Welcome

Welcome to the Yocto Project Development Tasks Manual. This manual provides relevant procedures necessary for developing in the Yocto Project environment (i.e. developing embedded Linux images and user-space applications that run on targeted devices). This manual groups related procedures into higher-level sections. Procedures can consist of high-level steps or low-level steps depending on the topic.

This manual provides the following:

  • Procedures that help you get going with the Yocto Project; for example, procedures that show you how to set up a build host and work with the Yocto Project source repositories.

  • Procedures that show you how to submit changes to the Yocto Project. Changes can be improvements, new features, or bug fixes.

  • Procedures related to “everyday” tasks you perform while developing images and applications using the Yocto Project, such as creating a new layer, customizing an image, writing a new recipe, and so forth.

This manual does not provide the following:

  • Redundant step-by-step instructions: For example, the Yocto Project Application Development and the Extensible Software Development Kit (eSDK) manual contains detailed instructions on how to install an SDK, which is used to develop applications for target hardware.

  • Reference or conceptual material: This type of material resides in an appropriate reference manual. As an example, system variables are documented in the Yocto Project Reference Manual.

  • Detailed public information not specific to the Yocto Project: For example, exhaustive information on how to use the Git version control system is better covered with Internet searches and official Git documentation than through the Yocto Project documentation.

1.2 Other Information

Because this manual presents information for many different topics, supplemental information is recommended for full comprehension. For introductory information on the Yocto Project, see the Yocto Project Website. If you want to build an image with no knowledge of Yocto Project as a way of quickly testing it out, see the Yocto Project Quick Build document.

For a comprehensive list of links and other documentation, see the “Links and Related Documentation” section in the Yocto Project Reference Manual.