4.15 Moving to the Yocto Project 2.7 Release

This section provides migration information for moving to the Yocto Project 2.7 Release from the prior release.

4.15.1 BitBake Changes

The following changes have been made to BitBake:

  • BitBake now checks anonymous Python functions and pure Python functions (e.g. def funcname:) in the metadata for tab indentation. If found, BitBake produces a warning.

  • Bitbake now checks BBFILE_COLLECTIONS for duplicate entries and triggers an error if any are found.

4.15.2 Eclipse Support Removed

Support for the Eclipse IDE has been removed. Support continues for those releases prior to 2.7 that did include support. The 2.7 release does not include the Eclipse Yocto plugin.

4.15.3 qemu-native Splits the System and User-Mode Parts

The system and user-mode parts of qemu-native are now split. qemu-native provides the user-mode components and qemu-system-native provides the system components. If you have recipes that depend on QEMU’s system emulation functionality at build time, they should now depend upon qemu-system-native instead of qemu-native.

4.15.4 The upstream-tracking.inc File Has Been Removed

The previously deprecated upstream-tracking.inc file is now removed. Any UPSTREAM_TRACKING* variables are now set in the corresponding recipes instead.

Remove any references you have to the upstream-tracking.inc file in your configuration.

4.15.5 The DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC Variable Has Been Removed

The DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC variable is no longer used. The ability to configure glibc using kconfig has been removed for quite some time making the libc-* features set no longer effective.

Remove any references you have to DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC in your own layers.

4.15.6 License Value Corrections

The following corrections have been made to the LICENSE values set by recipes:

  • socat: Corrected LICENSE to be “GPLv2” rather than “GPLv2+”.

  • libgfortran: Set license to “GPL-3.0-with-GCC-exception”.

  • elfutils: Removed “Elfutils-Exception” and set to “GPLv2” for shared libraries

4.15.7 Packaging Changes

This section provides information about packaging changes.

  • bind: The nsupdate binary has been moved to the bind-utils package.

  • Debug split: The default debug split has been changed to create separate source packages (i.e. package_name-dbg and package_name-src). If you are currently using dbg-pkgs in IMAGE_FEATURES to bring in debug symbols and you still need the sources, you must now also add src-pkgs to IMAGE_FEATURES. Source packages remain in the target portion of the SDK by default, unless you have set your own value for SDKIMAGE_FEATURES that does not include src-pkgs.

  • Mount all using util-linux: /etc/default/mountall has moved into the -mount sub-package.

  • Splitting binaries using util-linux: util-linux now splits each binary into its own package for fine-grained control. The main util-linux package pulls in the individual binary packages using the RRECOMMENDS and RDEPENDS variables. As a result, existing images should not see any changes assuming NO_RECOMMENDATIONS is not set.

  • netbase/base-files: /etc/hosts has moved from netbase to base-files.

  • tzdata: The main package has been converted to an empty meta package that pulls in all tzdata packages by default.

  • lrzsz: This package has been removed from packagegroup-self-hosted and packagegroup-core-tools-testapps. The X/Y/ZModem support is less likely to be needed on modern systems. If you are relying on these packagegroups to include the lrzsz package in your image, you now need to explicitly add the package.

4.15.8 Removed Recipes

The following recipes have been removed:

  • gcc: Drop version 7.3 recipes. Version 8.3 now remains.

  • linux-yocto: Drop versions 4.14 and 4.18 recipes. Versions 4.19 and 5.0 remain.

  • go: Drop version 1.9 recipes. Versions 1.11 and 1.12 remain.

  • xvideo-tests: Became obsolete.

  • libart-lgpl: Became obsolete.

  • gtk-icon-utils-native: These tools are now provided by gtk+3-native

  • gcc-cross-initial: No longer needed. gcc-cross/gcc-crosssdk is now used instead.

  • gcc-crosssdk-initial: No longer needed. gcc-cross/gcc-crosssdk is now used instead.

  • glibc-initial: Removed because the benefits of having it for site_config are currently outweighed by the cost of building the recipe.

4.15.9 Removed Classes

The following classes have been removed:

  • distutils-tools: This class was never used.

  • bugzilla.bbclass: Became obsolete.

  • distrodata: This functionally has been replaced by a more modern tinfoil-based implementation.

4.15.10 Miscellaneous Changes

The following miscellaneous changes occurred:

  • The distro subdirectory of the Poky repository has been removed from the top-level scripts directory.

  • Perl now builds for the target using perl-cross for better maintainability and improved build performance. This change should not present any problems unless you have heavily customized your Perl recipe.

  • arm-tunes: Removed the “-march” option if mcpu is already added.

  • update-alternatives: Convert file renames to PACKAGE_PREPROCESS_FUNCS

  • base/pixbufcache: Obsolete sstatecompletions code has been removed.

  • native class: RDEPENDS handling has been enabled.

  • inetutils: This recipe has rsh disabled.